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Meta abrasive’s value (2)

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Technical analysis of the causes of abrasive’s broken
tempered,tempered troostite ,small distributioned carbon dioxidemartensiteSteel shot’s early broken is because of macroscopic defect, macroscopic defect means air hole, loosen, mixed and the net carbide,retained austenite,Abnormal productthe best metallographic structure should be
Measures to prevent loss of the abrasive:1.adjust the polishing machine, make the abrasive work effectively on the work piece, at the same time avoid the abrasive out from the sizing machine and dirt catcher 2. Take back the leakage abrasive outside the machine, 3. Prevent the abrasive taken away by the work piece, 4.check if there is leak on the machine.
Mixed abrasive decide the multiple cost of the polishing.
continuousas the source reason for the bubble of the film. polishing on work piece surface, ,but it is hard to polish to make a certain roughness, For a required standard coatingwork, surface roughness of the adhesion has big effect for the  paint film, anti-corrosion and protect life ,it is bad for the increase of the adhesion, it it is too rough ,if the use for film is certain quantity, it will result to nonuniform distribution . especially when the film thickness of the wave is not enough lower than the design request , will lead to corrosion, on the other hand, if it is too rough, it will hold some bubble in the Pits troughsSteel shot’s working resistance is small , of suitable hardness ,high rebound resilience, the effect is better for
Regard to the usually use coating material, suitable roughness range is 39-75 um . so we must use the mixed abrasive reasonable mix some steel grit reasonable.specific percentage should be according to request for the coating , if so we can do the cleaning work fast( improve the work efficiency) also can make the lowest attrition of polishing machine, ( control the repair cost of the machine), effectively reach to the coating request ( reduce the waste of the coating abrasive), as a result to reduce the multiple cost .