Analysis for reason of the crisis, deep difficulties of the abrasive tool indust

Recently, financial policies are continuously coming on to help small companies’ development, the content shows that the policies are not only to make some condition to help small companies to get rid of difficulties ,but also make a good institution environment. This is a good news for the abrasive tool industry ,which is of more companies , but this long- awaited help is not able to help the dangerous companies to solve the cost problem, financial problem ,the reducing request of oversea market problem ,etc, we can know that , during this challenging period for human’s tolerance this kind of thing can make people feel some warm and hope more or less.
Many companies ,not only quite a part companies think our whole industry is being in a dangerous condition ,the danger dose not only mean “stop production, closing down “ it mainly shows on the various cost rising up, middle and low grade products structure excess, but high grade production depending on import serious cutthroat competition, limit of policy ,finance difficult , etc, some specialists surveyed it and gave some suggestions : companies should consider the condition ,meet it actively ,speed up to adjust the structure and upgrade the style .Deeply , we can say , the companies should invest capital, pay attention to the research for technic, avoid the disadvantage of family firm, manage the company scientific. etc
It is wonderful that , our industry overcame it over and over through this “very dangerous condition”“ transition condition”, finance analyst also think as the biggest production country for abrasive tools ,we should keep a good “card” , if we do it well we will have a good future, this statement makes sense.
The next problem is : what factor resulted the precarious difficulties of the industry ? and what factor supported the industry to be not too bad ? what is the central problem to solve the problem to come out from the plight to promote the industry ?
Judging from the surface, the danger is not only because of the “two high one capital”policy ,but also because the companies’narrow-mindedness and shortsighted, but origin is the policy. Firstly , policy is the director for the development direction for one industry , companies follow with the policy, the policy is the river the company is water, water should flow with the river ,bearing the unreasonable rule ;or the company can burst the bund, to make a conflict for live, for the later, it is difficult to realize it depend on one industry’s power, if with the first one, companies bear the power rationing policy, forced closing project policy, so called energy-saving measures, companies basic production and management will be influenced, it take some indescribable disasters to the companies who suffer many mishap. Throughout the world ,every country take much count for the abrasive tool company with is regarded as the “industry tooth “,they even give big help to them from the institution environment ,Zhianfu ,who is the chairman of Henan sharp stone investment group co., LTD. showed his confuse about why only China bring abrasive tool into the catalogue which is limited or forbidden.
Why foreign countries’ quality technic has exceeded native products for same industry in such a not forbidden environment ?even they did not make waste, no pollutionetc, what is the disparity ,Limited from the policy ,how can native companies exceed foreign companies for the same industry ?
Secondly, policy is the key factor to influence the social position ,if the government take no account of it, policy doesn’t support the industry, ,how can the country and the company itself to pay much attention and finance to this field ? Abrasive tool industry is of weak ability to make technical development ,Self-owned intellectual property products and technology is less, Manufacturing process data lacks the strict test argumentation, it can not keep the the stable quality ,and this series of condition ,one side the companies themselves have no ability or they do not want to spend money to imitate other one’s products , nor will they spend more money to find a technical personnel ,after all , it is the policy position for abrasive tools with the market environment and the companies consciousness influence by this position tear this industry’s future,
Here , People with lofty ideals in this industry not only one time to reflect the problem in the field ,it is in order to find the hope, Avoid let themselves and industry rising star into a no prospected industry , a kind of vanity situation and pessimistic mood.
“ If you lost something, you can find it from some other place”.This truth is still available, Reasonable development mode need to place oneself in the market to fight a line of business owners to find, But quite part of owners who has the sense of responsibility and the sense of crisis and business owners around are Shoutingwe got some personal ideas to solve the problem , concluded as below :
(1) play associations and strong influence of the enterprise, Change government’s understanding to abrasives industry, maximum relaxing policy on industry enterprise's limit
(2)We advocate support enterprise through material resources to form a professional researching department to develop high-end productto improved the quality of products
(3)Employ professional managers to proceed materialitymanagement ,regard company’s image ,reputation, integrity ,profit as a wealth.
(4)Control product raw material through third party, guarantee the quality and property of the material ,stable the price of raw materials through industrial association of organization and coordination
(5)Establish market control departmentIn the industry, controls price and circulation of products, To prevent the market for and the emergence of the price war
It is a big project to come out from the difficulty, whether can we come out .it need the government to give us some support, It also need the associations and the enterprises themselves have a united determination and courage , it also need wisdom