Iron and steel industry becomes the world's problems, the situation is more

Recently, , some analysts said the situation that the world steel production reduction indicates that not only Chinese steel industry will face up more complex situations, but also global industry have many problems to solve.
It is understood that the most important issue of the globalsteelindustry is theslowdownin world economic growthinhibition ofthe increased demand forsteel. In 2012 world economic situationwill still face up with manyuncertainties, and the steel industryis facinga more complexsituation. The developed countries who suffer from sovereign debtwillslow growthin development has become aconsensus. And the main emerging markets remain good despite of the economic growth, but inflationary pressures rise and economic "hard landing" of risk increase. The IMF "World Economic Outlook," summary that the global economy has entered a new and dangerous period, and the world economy into a downward will affect future global steel demand growth.
Someoptimistsexpertshave different views, and they pointed out the problems “ unbalance of crude production capacity, worldwide steel productionsupplypressures rise”, “Steel prices will be supported by the original cost of fuel, the trend is expected to former low-high”.They believe thatthe late half of2012,global steel productionwillshowupward trend once again. Steel production willbe presented before thepost-high-low situation in the whole year. Globalcrude steel productionis still expected toexceed1.5 billion tonsin 2011and towardsthe development ofa new high of1.6 billion tons. On the other hand, global steel such as iron ore and other raw fuel prices stay at high levels and will not radically change, it will become the anchor for the steel price hard to keep the situation, the price tends to increase the bottom will be worth the wait.Tends to increase the bottom price will worth the wait.