High quality abrasiveS coating industry is promoting the rapid development of Ch

“ Coating for the ship ” is usually the last working procedure for the building of the ship ,It isusually not treasured by most ship manufacturers because building time is becoming shorter and shorter.People just regard it as a “face painting procedure ”;With the development and fierce competition forshipa-making industry at home and abroad, “ coating for the ship” is becoming more and more important .
 Coating for the ship gets more and more attention from people because of its special effects to improve the appearance of the product .Besides, changing the appearance of ships ,making a bright and marine corrosion appearance for the sea ship can also prevent the ship from sea water corrosion and extend the service life of the ship.Although people have paid more attention to the coating,because of the lack of professional and advanced coating process, evenchosen high quality abrasives and coating material ,the quality for the coating can’t be improved. Although the quality of the products is at the first class for many ship making companies The quality of the coating is at the second class so the price just can be at the third class ,This situation is particularly prominent in many small and medium sized ship making companies at home, the coming on of the IMO PSPC brought more difficulties and challenge to the cleaning and coating workers ,IMO PSPC request the target using life of the coating material more than 15 years and during this time the coating material should keep a good condition ,but the coating material’s using life is uncertain ,whether can it achieve this target is determined by the style of the coating material system how to handle the steel how to examine and protect the coat and surface ,the new standard is more strict for the process of the steel ball and sand as well as the request for the quality of the coating material and the performance for spray .
 Abrasive l includes two parts: non metal and metal ,non metal abrasive includes sea sand ( quartz sand ),Brown corundum, glass balls ,but because this abrasive’s broken rate is very high ,it , heavy dust and pollution condition ,so the efficiency is low ,except in the ship building industry ,the non metal abrasive is instead by metal abrasive material for the pretreatment cleaning by spray balls for the steel.
Shandong Yafeite is specialized in processing metal abrasive .we can not only supply steel grit
steel shot ,but also supply full range solution for steel shot gritsteel shot and high value-added technology service for customers .According to IMO, we have professional testing equipment and experienced technical service group We are your beststratagem partner to meet with difficulties and challenges .
It is very important to choose the high quality and high performance abrasive .For good abrasive shot blasting cleaning effect is good for the steel plate surface , with high efficiency .good abrasive can extend the using life for the component of the equipment and obviously reduce the fee for cleaning .
Morgan steel gritabrasive can effectively control the granulation rate
There are many factors can influence roughness rate ,such as the air pressure for shot the speed to shot the size and the skill in scene the for the abrasive etc. the most important factor is whether the supplier of the abrasive can strict control the size .
 In Yafeite, Abrasive’s size grade is controlled strictlyaccording to USA auto industry engineers association standard SAEJ827 to make steel shotsJ441 steel grit,but for the ordinary Chinese manufacturers,steel shots are usually made according to Chinese standard GB648484-86,the size grade of the steel grit abrasive is determined by GB6488-86.These two standards are of different tightness of the sizes for abrasive ,USA auto industry engineers association’s standard is more strict and reasonable .
The request for roughness determine how to choose the size of the abrasive , when we purchase the steel grit we should start from standard of the abrasive ,more strict the standard is more better to control the roughness when we coat it ,for example , if the actual size of the abrasive is smaller than the right one ,the roughness of the steel surface will be reduced ,the adhesionbetween the cast steel grit and the abrasive will be reduced, then the cast steel grit will be easy to peel ;if the actual size of the abrasive is smaller than the right one ,the particle number sprayed to the work piece surface will be reduced in one unit time, the efficiency will be reduced ,steel surface roughness will be increased(bullet),the wastage afterward of the coat will increase.
On the other hand, quality of the abrasive itself has a huge influence to the roughness after cast, If the abrasive is not easy to break up ,the mixed rate will be controlled effectively when it is running, ,the roughness then will be in a standard request range. The low quality abrasive is contrary to higher one. It is easy to break up , make much dust , the most important point is the mix rate will be influenced when it running , the mix rate is undulate obviously, the roughness is not controlled effectively .

Morgan steel grit abrasive has a good effect to control the cleanliness and the dust grade
Morgan steel grit abrasive is of good mechanical propertiesgood impact resistance strict distribution of the particle and perfect particle shape, During the time of Morgan abrasive’s cleaning process, Surface of the steel shot will peel off, Steel shot and grit will become smaller ,the whole system form of the steel shot and grit will be grinded round and become smaller gradually. If the abrasive is added timely according to the strict standard during the work time ,the granularity of the system will keep balance,the cleanliness and clean efficiency will keep a high level.
Some low quality abrasive heat treatment equipment and technology is out of date ,of high hardness , brittle ,of bad ability to resist brittleness, of high brittleness rate large than 37%, of heavy dust pollution, of bad ability to resist from felling, then lead to a result that the cleanliness of the steel surface is not enough after the cast of the steel shot and grit ,but this kind of abrasive is of low price , there are many small workshop, large distributors purchase the goods centralized , if use this kind of abrasive to do the steel shot cleaning project ,the rate for the consumption of the abrasive is high to 65% in clean up cost, .If the manage is bad or the workers is lack of technology, this rate will be higher .Compared with this kind of abrasive, Morgan abrasive is of long using time, recycling rate is high , the rate for the consumption is much lower than this , its economy is very obvious.