Analysis for network marketing way of hardware abrasive tool industry

Network marketing is risen these years ,it has amature a marketing way In foreign countries ,Network marketing supplied a good condition for enterprises to establish brand image through the Internet ,no matter it is large company or it is middle nor small company, they all can show their company’s image through a suitable method. Network marketing has many styles ,as introduced by BaihuiLuo, there are many suitable styles  for abrasive tool companies such as E-mail marketing, text link ,network image advertisement, Search engine results login, bid for search engine, blog marketing, network hype ,internet shop , etc .
E-mail marketing
E-mail marketing is under the prior consent of the user ,send some valuable information to the target users through E-mail, it is such a network marketing method, our abrasive tool companies can send our products information and development information regularly according to the condition and related company’s E-mail, our  authority product informationof enterprise can also cause the attention of customers, also can send some blessing informationin holiday time to increase customer’s confidence for us.
Text link advertisement
Text link advertisement is one advertisement method to use word in the famous webs which are related to our products, to show the products and the service .it can promote the enterprise’s product sales and brand popularity, We abrasives enterprise professional information website is of high attention, we can choose the suitable web to make cooperation with us according to the real condition ,to display our goods in good method, promote the popularity and the chance for customers to know us, make more chance for customers to choose us, there are many potential customers who have interest in our goods in the ones who click our advertisement pictures, network image advertisement : network image advertisement is one method to use the company’s web or use the related web to show the related pictures and related information ,our products is easily understand by the pictures, we can put our pictures on some suitable webs to make customers have a good realize for our goods, it make a chance for customers to know the goods deeply , increase the confidence of the customers and willing to purchase the goods and know well of the goods, it can increase the value of business in large arrange, because most of the one who scan our webs are the one who can be our protential customers through our strive .
Survey of Search engine shows that there are few users log in webs which is after the 50th of research result ,it means that the more in front the better effect it has. So Understand the search engine's website ranking rules, make some pointed web optimization, in order to conform to the search engine search results ranking principle,  obtain the front of the qualifying is important.
Search engine competitive ranking: so-called search engine competitive ranking, just as its name implies, Is using baidu Internet search platform etc(that is, at present almost all of the Chinese web portal) put the pure market bidding auction behavior into search engine service, Through the enterprises to choose the search key words of different pricesto sort, it is a sort of commercial behavior, Such as engaged in online abrasives monopoly of e-commerce sites through the abrasive mould the key words after bidding, when users use Internet to search” abrasive tools”, the results will be in accordance with the previous the discretion of the bidding for ranking, single click the highest bidder will be the first in line get priority attention and click on opportunity, increased opportunity for the potential customers to clinch a deal .