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Metal Abrasive’s value(1)

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Any abrasive’s value is according to the work piece quantity it handled unit time ,the quality and the cost (including abrasive cost,quick wear part and thelabour cost ).
Now some high hardness abrasive (steel shot, steel grit) in market can also do rust cleaning (or strengthen ) work, the price is also cheap. But this abrasive is easy to used up ,fragile, it is easy to fray the machine’s quick wear parts (as a result to replace the machine quick-wear part, during this time the machine stops working, add more cost to repair the machine).there is a high operate cost is not used, oppositely ,some other abrasive (such as low hardness abrasive ) even with low speed to use up and low price, their clean time is long, productivity is low, cost labourand work time ,these abrasive are not used
Good quality abrasive are : 1,long using time ,2. Clean fast( strengthen fast )3. Low repair cost 4. Stable effect
The abrasive’s broken affect the abrasive’s cost ,repair cost and the clean effect
When we decide the quality for the polishing and the cost the abrasive’s brokenness is important, it have extreme large influence to the abrasive’s cost , quick-wear parts ’attrition and repair fee .
Every abrasive .because the chemical ,metallurgy and productive process get different metal construction, it has its inherent fatigue properties, this resolve its crush character in the polishing machine, abrasive’s attrition is small, it is not the factor for the decreasing of the size ,the decreasing is because the fatigue of the abrasive’s last lead to a more small grain
In the polishing machine ,abrasive grain is erupted from the rush revolving (or air nozzle) in a high speed , shocked to the surface of the work piece, finishe the cleaning and the strengthen work, through the continuous cycle and strike, becoming to be small grain from large grain, becoming more smaller grain from small grain, at last because the size is too small( smaller than 0.2mm) is is out of use, it will be cleaned away through polishing machine removal system.
The polishing machine parts’ attrition speed influence the repair fee
Put some iron sand and common steel cut wire shot (with standard length and bevel angle) or mix with steel shot in large range, it can get the attrition rate data fast, directly reduce 50%-80% of the using life of the parts
Iron grit can devastating reduce the using life of the part , because the attrition decide the quantity of the new bevel angle formed in the process, common steel cut wire shot is of long using life because its peculiarity, but the defect of figurate resistance is large lead to the bad circulatory flow, bevel angle is easy to get some score lead to some unnecessary harm to the machine parts, during the polishing the steel cut wire shot crosswise do a fool’s errand ,these factors are all decide the using life for the machine parts .so use long using life good quality abrasive can get extra benefit
Abrasive’s hardness influence the clean speed and the effect- long using time with high hardness , abrasive’s hardness influence the cleaning speed ,rebound resilience and the smooth of the work piece
During the abrasive grain’s high speed movement time, it rush to the surface of the work piece, blade give them shock energy ,it will consume many aspects ,actually moving grain make all energy to surface of the work piece, finish the clean of grit ,rust cleaning and wiping off some other oxide ,fulfill the useful effect ,during the strengthen time , energy is used to make pushing stress on surface .
During the shock moment, the power is so big, as a result the extra brute force to the abrasive, if so some energy is expended in the transformation, this energy is used up ,it didn’t finish the useful affect ,these energy can decide by the hardness ,the hardness is the ability to resistance the transformation.
At the early time to use abrasive , it is better to choose the estimated smallest size ,until build a suitable size arrange ,then mix some large sized abrasive, rate of coverage is most important for the cleaning speed, for the same energy to clean the work parts, small sized is faster than large sized , because of the large rare of coverage, the droppoint of abrasive on the unit surface is is more in unit time .the rate of coverage is most important for the clean speed, When on size of the abrasive become to another size we need to sizing the mixture, confirm the suitable size arrange, to reach to a same effect, because of different characters when steel cut wire shot become to be steel shot or when iron shot become to be steel shot, abrasive’s size must be reduced one or two sizes .