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Iron and Steel Industry is trying to meet with the green standard

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Findings from research , most iron and steel companies do not Compliance with green standard Requirements. Even these companies have got the high grade certificate for the environment and safe management system.
Iron and steel Industry will probably get a 8% increase. which is impressive to people. But it is trying to meet with the environment standard , technical and CSE’’s conclusion estimate its function at the same time, . Research results released alliance, environment and forest minister Jayanthi Natarajan and planning committee’s member Allen maria were here. After two years’ research New Delhi green non-governmental organization got the conclusion that Maharashtra is of the best volume in the 21 factories in Raigad Ispat Industry .,Essar Steel ,Hazratbal, Gujarat and Rashtriya Ismail palmer tarter Nigam company LTD (Vizag steel ), Visakhapatnam’s CSE pointed that even the the best perform , score between 0-100 is only 40. The average perform of the same industry is far lower than the best one of the world and the future large scale industry ,such as the concrete,paper making , paper pulp .non –government organization is assessed as one of the worst performer .Grade and the research find that ,most of the companies are not combined with the green standard even they usually can get the certificate, environment and the safe management high grade. To us ,this is a little shock already ,our own scale fail to observe to the shock,say”this department can solve it,because most companies can get profit, because it has fund common CSE director Sunita Narain, Pushan steel company ,at Odisha DhmenkanalMonet ismail pat and energy company ,Chhattisgarh and sail of west Bengal get the grade for IISCO Burnpur’s plant , use 150 parameter to assess green certificate, as the worst plan, Ryan Naraine pointed that voluntary information publish and lack companies ,he also said most of them hide in audit informationtheir express is bad. She said, even the profit is high in this business and it expand so fast, only the society meet with higher input and material cost, the investment environment improved it bring some good profit as guarantee ,Nalaron said ,this field do not have a fair compete field . rear livestock in pens and the low cost superiority companies express is not better than the less cost companies, Jayanthi Natarajan said, “ the increase must be under the normal management method and under regular service , “ this minister said the government ‘s suggestion after scaning the route chart’s CSE improved the environment standard and the normative standard ,Rory Dolap Mountain ,CSE ‘s deputy director general pointed that ,iron and steel factory is discovered to use evry million 1200 Hectares of land, the average installed capacity for each ton is 200, they can operate extra land, he suggest to use it to ensure to purchase the required departments in the next 20 years not controversial .even with this speed continue expansion ,Mitra said this field shout get credible supervise, such as rated CSE .