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Industry chain resulted from earthquake

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The earthquake in Japan and the caused Tsunami and the leakage of nuclear power resulted in a huge loss of life and property. As a neighbor of Japan, China has being kept a close business relation with Japan, and the earthquake has aninevitable affection on the economics of China, especially the manufacture industry. In face ofthe butterfly effectcaused by the earthquakein Japan,Chinese manufacturing industry has to update its style, and this is quite obvious in the field of steel abrasives and its downstream industry.
Here is the main industries that China imported from Japan:(1) Mechanical 20-30billion U.S. dollars/ month; (2) Chemical15-20billion /month;(3) finished15-20billion/month (700 million of steel products, nonferrous metals 300 million, 200 millionof metalmoldsand products, rubber mold, and 60 millionproducts, textile yarnand fabric200 million, more than 100 millionnon-metallicmineralutensils, paper andpaper products40 million); (4) electronics,motormore than 30billion /month, of whichmore than 10billionsemiconductorsub-project, integrated circuits7,8billion; (5) Transportation equipment than $ 600 million/ month: motor vehiclesand motor vehicleparts, each about half;(6) "Other" item 12billion /month: one, science and optical instruments6,7billion /month.

The Japanese earthquake will result in supply chain crisis in auto, IT, electronic, mechanical tooling and other abrasives.