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Change the frequency-than-expected steel prices, hundreds of thousands of trader

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Since 2009, domestic steel prices fluctuate frequently, making a lot of traders feel the pressure. United executive vice president of the matter what Dawn recently in China Iron and Steel Federation of Logistics and Purchasing Logistics Professional Committee of the inaugural ceremony, said the domestic steel distribution companies to be good at the use of advanced information technology, by building a trading platform for commodities such as steel, to improve contingency capacity and maintain the smooth running steel market.

Ho Ming pointed out that the current domestic steel traders as many as 150,000 -20 10000, all kinds of steel trading market around 1500. "Megaton-level trading volume in a market seemingly impressive, but it is actually done by hundreds of enterprises." Insiders pointed out that precisely because the steel distribution industry, this small, scattered, chaotic pattern, making traders and did not play steel in the circulation of "reservoir" effect, but fueled the sell into the role played frequently. For example, in anticipation of rising steel prices, the traders hoarding a large number of goods to the market to bring a false demand; while in anticipation of falling steel prices, traders were a large number of rejection goods, creating a market panic down. Steel prices from time to time, "up over-or overshoot" phenomenon, giving both the upstream and downstream industry chain resulted in a greater negative impact.

In the material, director of United Steel Logistics Professional Committee, the domestic famous iron and steel spot trading platform, "Nishimoto Shinkansen" responsible person Yu Gang said, look at the domestic iron and steel distribution industries, a large number of small-scale enterprises, low degree of information, which led to a number of allocation of resources anomaly. For example, the same steel resources in the same regional market will be down through repeated hand-delivered to end users until the hands of the middle of a sheer increase in a number of logistics costs.

This industrial chain, there is inherent in the operation, with the outbreak of the financial crisis in late 2008 was able to focus on an attractive appearance. When the most volatile steel prices, traders purchase the morning, afternoon or lose money, there are traders and even declared that "the loss of a day is equal to the Huangpu River moved into a car," large risk is evident. In this regard, one of the nation's largest steel traders, general manager of Minmetals Steel Yao-ping, the current steel distribution business or used to be "long dead", the use of "buy low and sell high," to make the difference. This model is like, and Quotes on gambling, in the steel prices rise, there are a lot of money to make with traders, but once the market downturn, traders will incur heavy losses. Since 2009, frequent fluctuations in the domestic steel prices in order to rebar, for example, the price of 3,500 yuan per ton less than the lowest and the highest close to 5,000 yuan per ton, so that many market participants to eat enough of headaches.

In order to improve the situation, fear of steel that the circulation of the domestic iron and steel industry, through building a professional trading platform, with advanced IT technology to try to eliminate the asymmetry of information to guide the management and organization of production and eventually the rational allocation of resources. Yao-Ping also said that the use of steel and other commodities trading platform "period of the current combination of" function, not only trade enterprises to earn a reasonable profit, you can also to some extent to maintain the smooth running steel market, thereby contributing to the steel industry chain downstream harmonious development