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The situation of China's steel exports this year of experts are optimistic,

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The situation of China's steel exports this year of experts are optimistic, but is required to "pass out"

Although the frequent trade friction, but this year the domestic steel export situation, many experts expressed some optimism. Some experts believe that the current main destinations of steel in China is not the United States, but including Korea, the Middle East and other Asian markets and in recent years to open up part of the emerging markets.

As the Chinese Ministry of Commerce said earlier remarks of the U.S. steel industry faced difficulties, not due to the impact of imported products, but the needs of the financial crisis are dwindling. The industry to judge, as the international markets, especially emerging market demand, the overall pick-up, even now blocked the iron and steel products, the future can also "pass out."

Statistics show that last year the total exports of steel products in China in November is only 21.26 million tons, up by 62.1% a sharp decline. Among them, a net exporter of crude steel is expected to around 2 million tons the year. Industry experts believe that even though by international economic recovery and the degree of trade frictions and other uncontrollable factors, this year, China's steel exports are still generated by big task, but to realize an annual net export of 15 million tons of possibilities is quite large.