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China Steel Association for Solidarity with the European Union against the iron

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China Iron and Steel Industry Association, March 16 issued a statement on its official Web site said: March 11, the European Union in the steel industry, issued a statement on its official Web site, strongly opposed to iron ore producers want to raise prices 80% -90% of the intention to . China Iron and Steel Industry Association, expressed his agreement and support.

The Chinese side has received notice price increases

One of the world's top three iron ore giant Vale do Rio Doce (Vale) have been identified to the global implementation of spot pricing, the agreement has been a long price model will be crumbling. CVRD has been Japan's major steel company more than 90% price increase proposals, if implemented Vale do spot pricing, which means that by 2010 the Brazilian ore prices will Japan and South Korea in 2009 on the basis of the price rose 90% -100%.

To informed sources, several large Chinese steel mills have been identified Vale received the notification letter sent, China Steel Association held a meeting immediately to discuss response measures. At present, holding a long association mining is most worried about a large-scale steel mills, as in previous years, long the agreement a mechanism to large steel prices have brought tremendous cost advantage, while the Vale if the implementation of this decision, the cost advantage of these steel mills will not be complex exists, large-scale steel mills will face, small and medium steel mills compete with goods in the spot market situation.

Insiders said that China Steel Association issued a statement this is just solidarity with the European Steel Union, there is no more clear-cut attitude, such as the emphasis last year on China's pricing model is also not mentioned. China Steel Association statement on the current situation has made no specific response, and because Japan and South Korea steel mill and mine did not see the outcome of negotiations, the Chinese side still have to observe and study time.

Spot iron ore prices to stimulate onto the 140 U.S. dollars

Joint Research Center metals analyst Xu Jian, said some large Chinese steel mills have in mind which has been a huge influence, some steel mills have started stocking a team, of which, high-grade iron ore has been sought after, which directly led to this week's high grade ore prices have soared, like the Indian ore futures prices last week, after a brief adjustment back to 140 U.S. dollars / tons.

YAO Jian, spokesman for the Ministry of Commerce said today that the Ministry of Commerce that China's interests should be reflected in the iron ore negotiations, calls for preserving the long-term agreement of iron ore price formation mechanism, and it will provide the necessary means to support trade. "As Japan and South Korea did not talk about iron ore prices are set, it is not entirely clear that a specific policy, but have a policy to reserve."

Last week, Baosteel raised the lead wire of the ex-factory price in April, most varieties of the price rise of 150 yuan / ton -300 yuan / tons. 1-2 months of this year China's crude steel output reached 102.89 million tons, an increase of 25%, which in January output 52.53 million tons, more than in August last year, 52.3 million tons set in the historical record, a huge crude steel production has brought considerable iron ore demand, which greatly enhanced the mine on imported ore market, bullish confidence.

Mine is still singing over demand from China,

Rio Tinto, one of the three major mining companies, today issued its annual report, Rio Tinto chairman Jan du Plessis said the year 2010, steel and ore prices will remain relatively good trend, but in the short term may fluctuate. In addition, demand from China will continue, but it needs continuing cause for concern, "the long run, China will be driven by domestic demand to economic development, a paradigm shift."

Rio Tinto CEO Albert Tam said year 2009, Rio Tinto and BHP Billiton joint restart the Pilbara region of Western Australia iron ore production is the largest one bright spot of the year. He pointed out that the huge demand for iron ore, it is clear that company to increase production. Rio Tinto plans to Pilbara production from the current 220 million tons per year to 2013 to 2.8 million tons, while the 2015 will have to increase to 330 million tons per year.

AIBO-year industry as a whole remain optimistic about the long-term growth. He also predicted that in the next 15 years, China's exports of iron ore, copper, coal and aluminum will continue to grow. AIBO years, "said close to their use of raw materials in China, the top of the curve, India is expected to continue this trend, which will bring a new wave of wave of demand for commodities." (Sina Finance)