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Companies to participate in the sixth surface treatment, Dongguan Exhibition, tr

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    Electroplating industry, organized by the Hong Kong Chamber of Commerce, the World Trade Expo Co., Ltd. Dongguan host the Sixth International electroplating and surface treatment exhibition in Dongguan International Conference and Exhibition held ceremoniously heart, this exhibition as a "financial crisis" after the first large-scale activities by including plating , painting and other surface treatment industry experts in a broad view of large-scale enterprises note. This exhibition of two hundred exhibitors, websites magazines and the local association of nearly 20 more than electroplating. An exhibition area of nearly 10,000 square meters of covered domestic and foreign exhibitors, including South Korea, Japan and other overseas exhibitors. Electroplating Association, Association of Hong Kong, Singapore, Surface Treatment Association, the Hong Kong Metal Finishing Society, and other units attended the opening ceremony and electroplating industry in the Hong Kong Chamber of Commerce Mr. Wu Guoan an opening statement. 
   My company as North China metal abrasive to be a leader in this exhibition of the kind invitation, and as a guest exhibitors in this abrasive industry event. Participation in this company during the period I visited the participating enterprises, and actively participating enterprises with a number of technical exchanges, and a number of merchants at home and abroad to achieve cooperation intentions. This exhibition was March 20, 2010 closing, I am the Secretary for the successful completion of exhibition plans.